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What is the best rubber lubricant to use...

What is the best rubber lubricant to use on the zipper for maintenance?

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I would try a little dry graphite if the zipper is sticking.

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Not sure about dry graphite, although I believe it would work (never tried it myself), but one thing I would recommend is cleaning it as thoroughly as possible with a nylon brush, dish soap (or pack soap) and water. I would then lightly lube it with silicon (find it an any hardware store). You don't want too much as it will attract dirt, but a light coating will allow it slide smoothly with less abrasion. The abrasion is what wears out the sliders and can damage the teeth. This is also a good idea for tents, packs, etc.

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Bees wax works well on waterproof zippers. You can buy it in bars and you just take it and run it along the zipper. Should keep it clean and lubricate it.