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What is the best Hydration Baldder for the...

What is the best Hydration Baldder for the Arcteryx Bora 80?

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I prefer the Osprey Hydraform but you will get many different answers to this question.

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I agree with Mike. The osprey Bladder has a frame, which is meant to rest along your spine. This does two things: it keeps the weight of the water next to your back, as well as gives the bladder shape so you don't get a funky shaped bladder weighing you down. Also, it has a magnetic clip feature that is super nice. I have the 2L and the 3L, but I rarely use the 2L. I find it to be too small. Here is the link so you can check it out yourself: Hope that helps!! Good luck and be safe out there!

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My 2 l Source bladder fits perfectly in the upper compartment. I'd prefer one along the back, as this makes the lid too heavy, but the benefit is getting all the water out more easily.