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What is the average amount of weight that...

What is the average amount of weight that is carried in a pack of this size? I am 6 ft. 150 pds., but because I have a back injury, I doubt that I could handle a pack of this size. How stable is it when fully loaded and strapped in? I find that the larger the pack and the greater the weight the more important it is to have wider and thicker shoulder and waist belts.

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average is different for every person but this pack could handle 50-60lbs. Osprey makes good packs so it will be stable.

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Osprey packs can handle just about anything, it's all about what you can handle safely. This bag will easily carry a 60-80lb load, but I'd suggest lower than the lower end of that scale considering your frame and back issues. The weight will be distributed evenly and as comfortably as possible with the design of this pack, I'd just test the waters and see what you can carry comfortably and use that for a reference before going out and purchasing such a large scale item. They have it in smaller cu in sizes.

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Staying between 40 to 50% of your body rate is good. going more than that could potentially be not so good.
BUT, if you are in good shape and backpack or mountaineer a fair amount you could end up caring a much heavier load. Mountaineering backpacks can be much heavier due to ropes and more gear. Having a good backpack that fits you is most important.
The Volume of the pack has nothing to do with it. it how much you put in it that matters. Most Osprey packs you can also switch out waiste belts.
i have been leading backpacking trips in winter and summer for 5 years now, and i have the 85 and it is plenty big. But i have friends that have the 110 and say it nice to have a little extra room.