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What is a good google to get where I can...

What is a good google to get where I can possiably interchange lens for both skiing and climbing ? And what is a good lens for skiing, and what is good for climbing ?

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Good news, Sarah, Smith makes some great lenses for both of those activities. You can easily swap out the lenses in most Smith frames, including the Heiress. However, if you are planning to swap out your lenses on the fly, or if you simply don’t have the luxury of a few minutes, look at the Smith I/O.

For skiing, or any activity in the mountains, I would recommend either the rc36 (my favorite) or the Ignitor Mirror. These are essentially “all purpose” lenses that help to increase your depth perception when it gets stormy, and continue to protect your eyes if the sun decides to peek through the clouds. There are more stylish and fancy options out there, but for my money it is the rc36.

For mountaineering, or any really bright light situations, go with the Sol X mirror. According to Smith, the Gold Sol X has an extremely low visual light transmittance (7%). The Green Sol X is slightly brighter at 17%, and the Red is 18%. The important thing is that your eyes will be well protected if you choose the Sol X, or any smith lenses for that matter. Hope this helps, and have fun out there.