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What is a good Arcteryx shell to wear over...

What is a good Arcteryx shell to wear over this in the chilly northeast? I don't need bells and whistles but like large and/or useful pockets... Found a Theta AR on sale but very disappointed with the pockets. The Napoleon pocket might have fit a credit card, and the 2 "large" pockets wouldn't have held much more than a mitten, each.

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You will want one of the models with a drop hood (ie no collar). The hyllus hood does not fit well over jackets with collars (ie: theta), it tends to bunch up and pull your collar back. You should be looking at the Alpha SV or Alpha LT. Mpst arcteryx jacket's have minimal pockets. The Alphas pockets have bellows to expand and can carry a good amount of stash. They only have 3 outer pockets (2 napoleon pockets and 1 bicep pocket), so if you like putting your hands in your pockets this will not work for you. Other models to consider are the Tempest (which uses a gore tex softshell) or the insulated Kappa SV.