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What if you are an ultralight backpacker...

What if you are an ultralight backpacker like this item was intended for, and you are busy drying out your other set of clothes and have nothing to stuff in the sack overnight?No answer is necessary, I guess this was not a question. Never mind.

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Anonymous people should not be allowed to type. -MountainMan Cowboy. Maybe so, MountainMan, but we type nonetheless. While the stuff sack is ultralight, I don't think it was intended for ultralight backpacking, per se. Its low weight is more of an attractant for those who wouldn't normally consider packing a pillow -Anonymous.

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Here is a possible answer to your non-question:

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I often don't have enough clothes left in my stuff sack to make a cushy pillow in a stuff sack at night. I use an inflated empty water bladder (my 1L platy), or even my shoes just to boost the height and then put whatever few clothes I have left on top to cushion. Got to be creative out there if you're lightweight...