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What happens to my backpack on a rainy...

What happens to my backpack on a rainy night?

(Most probably I can keep my boots and other light items inside the bivy ...)

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I would recommend buying a rain cover for your backpack and just making sure it is elevated off the ground when you leave it over night.

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Thanks Andrew. I have a backpack rain cover. Now I need to make sure to keep the straps, belts etc off the ground. (Need to leave my heavy Bibler Ahawhnee 2 behind for my next trip ...)

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Or take a big trash bag to put your backpack in. Contractor bags are big and burly, but a thinner one would probably work too.

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A couple more ounces and you can have a nice solo tent.

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If you really want to keep your backpack, boots, etc. inside your tent, then a Bivy is not for you. Look instead a small tent: I prefer a lightweight 2-man tent to keep my gear in. BTW, "2-man tent" can usually be interpreted as "sleeps two very small men who like each other a lot without their gear". Hence, you'll want a 2 man just to fit one person (you) and your gear.