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What does OutDry mean? I've had a Montrail...

What does OutDry mean? I've had a Montrail over the ankle hiking shoe for years, and have worn it everywhere, hiking, teaching outdoor ed classes, gardening, etc. and they have finally worn out. They were waterproof till the seams gave away... and I really like that feature. They don't seem to be making them anymore, and I was wondering if this shoe might substitute for them? Also, in the Montrails, I had to skip the middle set of lace hooks for a fit that would not hurt the ankles. Suggestions? Thanks.

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Christina. Thanks for your questions. I think the video I just posted on this page will explain OutDry better than I ever could in an answer. It is a little long but does a great and thorough job of explaining the technology and the advantages. As for the choice of boots, this particular shoe is probably a very different animal from the Montrail boots you had before but would probably work great for your intended uses. I hope this info and video helps! Cheers!