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What do folks think about the waist strap?...

What do folks think about the waist strap? Do you use it for bearing some of the weight, or is it just to keep the pack in place on your back? I would be looking for something that would take the weight off my shoulders a bit, both as I'm biking to school and when I'm on day hiking trips.

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i would say these are more for just load stability. check out the osprey manta, raptor or stratos series packs in 24-36 liter sizes if you are looking for a day pack with a beefier hip belt. there are more out there, but i am just an osprey fan. just remember there are going to be some trade offs when you are looking for an actual hiking pack to use for commuting or a commuter pack for day hiking uses.

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I just took the waist strap off, it just got in the way and did have a whole lot of functionality