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What became of the Hurricane Ridge now...

What became of the Hurricane Ridge now that Montrail has gone all Columbia on us?

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Not sure what you mean by 'going Columbia' on us as it has been almost 4 years now since the acquisition.... but, the Hurricane Ridge has gone the way of the Dodo for spring '09. In it's place is a new GoreTex runner called the Mountain Masochist. It is a very different shoe... much lighter, more agile, with a little less support. It's non-Gore cousin won the 'Gear of the Year' award from Outside Mag and we were up against allot of good shoes from great brands. It is a testament that we as a company are moving in the right direction with our shoe design... lighter faster more agile. Much more in-line with where the running shoe biz is heading. The Hurricane Ridge had a great run and was a great shoe (I own a pair!) but it was time to move on. Check out the Mountain Masochist. I think you'll like 'em... Cheers!

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fyi: montrail is now run by the mountain hardwear crew down in the bay area.. NOT columbia. phew.