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What are the mainly differences between...

What are the mainly differences between this and reverso3, apart from weight. What is the best choice?

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The reverso3 has its belay anchor loop in the opposite direction than the ATC guide. This supposedly allows for easier belaying off of anchors. Personally, I think they work about equally well, but I like the feel of the reverso3 a bit better. Combined with the light weight, thats the one I'd go for.

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there really isn't much difference besides brand name. the atc guide has the anchor loop vertical and the reverso has the loop horizontal. it really comes down to personal preference between these two devices

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It ultimately boils down to whether you want to buy American or French. In my opinion Black Diamond and Petzl are both at the top of the industry; I feel equally comfortable with both brands, knowing the thousands of man hours of development and testing which go into everything they make. That being said, if you grew up on the standard ATC like me, you might prefer the ATC Guide to the Reverso 3, because it looks slightly more similar (both are used in exactly the same way)

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I've owned both the Reverso3 and the ATC guide. The Reverso3 is made of a softer metal and after a season of climbing doesn't inspire much confidence. The metal deforms easily and can develop sharp edges which will cut your ropes. The ATC guide I have is made of a harder metal and has not developed this issue. Something to keep in mind, all things are not created equal....