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What are the large straps on the skirt...

What are the large straps on the skirt for? The one on the top front and a smaller one on the back of the skirt? How do you tighten the skirt down around the kayak if the cord is behind you?Hope you can answer these questions. This will be my first skirt. I received my skirt for Christmas it came with no instructions :(Thank you for your time.Patti

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the straps are for something to grab and take the skirt off the kayak quickly. in the instance where you roll over and cannot righten the kayak back up while underwater. when you get the skirt, you will want to install the skirt on your kayak with you not in the boat. and re-tie the knot on the back, this way every time you put it on it is allready sized to the opening of the kayak.