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We need a harness for our zip line for our...

We need a harness for our zip line for our 4 year olds that are 42 inches tall and weigh 53 lbs. I like the full boy harness, but am not sure which harness is best for them. Would you recommend the Simba or the O.? Thanks.

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I have a 150" zipline in the backyard. My 6-8 year old girls use one and
I have had a big 3 year old comfortably fit into the Ouistiti. The girls flip upside down wearing either one and are very safe. Look also at the
as a easy means to adjust the distance from the ground or cable.

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Ouitsi is better for the four year old. About age 5 or 6 the outgrow it and need the Simba.

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The simba would proably work best for a kid that size, especially considering they're going to keep growing. If you have smaller kids coming up you might consider the Petzl Ouistiti instead.