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Gear Question

We are planning on camping during some...

We are planning on camping during some cold weather this a good tent for cold weather?

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Depends on your cold weather... are you talking snow storm or just cool temperature?

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I was pretty cold in mine in early September, halfway up a mountain in a campground in the NW, but I didn't have a super warm sleeping bag and I was on one end of the tent with plenty of room between me and the next person over. If you have a warm bag, something to put over your nose in case it gets cold (!), sleep in warm clothing/socks and have someone near you for more body warmth, you might be fine - depending again on how cold do you mean by cold. But if it's winter weather, seems to me you're pushing it a bit. One night at that same time I was soooo cold without the fly (we set up in the dark and were too tired to do anymore) and the next night the fly helped. I was still cold but went to sleep with more clothing and my coat on and I was much better.