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WIll be traveling through Brazil for three...

WIll be traveling through Brazil for three weeks. Rio, Florianopolis, and then some time in the Amazon. Looking for a pack that can tackle the both phases. Doesn't necessarily need to be ready for an ice-climbing expedition, but I'm not looking for a roller bag either. If I had to lean to one side, I would want a pack I could use for backpacking, camping, etc... Whaddya think?

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This pack is definitely made a little more for carrying on your back than the Farpoint. However, for a more outdoor product than a straight adventure travel pack, I'd consider either the Aether or the Atmos series. With the Atmos, if you are a perfect medium torso length, medium hipbelt, medium shoulder harness (, then the Atmos series will fit you like a dream. It is available in a 65L size as well.

If you are, for example, a stick--long torso and no waist--then you won't fit an Atmos very well at all. Look into the Aether 70. It has interchangeable hipbelt/harness that you can customize the components to your body shape. You can get a long torso and a medium hipbelt if you so needed one (which can be done after you order the pack).

Anyways, in summary, for the 3 weeks in S. Amer., I would definitely consider this pack over the Farpoint for sure (more robust suspension for carrying weight better). And while you could backpack in this pack, it would for sure be better to get an Atmos/Aether if backpacking is a future purpose of the pack.

Hope this helps!