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Voile Vector BC Mount?

Was thinking of...

Voile Vector BC Mount?

Was thinking of mounting these on 2012/13 Voile Vector BC [170cm] 118 / 94 / 107 mm. I will predominantly be doing 70-80% uphill climbs on VT Mountains, with 30-20% Alpine descents. This setup would never see resort action.

Should I be looking at a Dynafit Vertical binding, or will I be most happy with the Radicals, which I'm assuming would fit Vector BC Ski's?

Any other Binding suggestions are appreciated. I'm moving away from Dukes mounted on Gotoma's which see both Alpine Touring and Resort action, as I try to have a dedicated Alpine Touring setup, and keep the Gotoma's for Resorts only.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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Stick with the Dynafits if they are only for touring for sure. Either binding would work, I like the tried and true Vertical, and have ridden them on skis in the 105 waist (Stoke) with no complaints. But you can;t go wrong, just stick with the 'fits. Tech all dayyyy.