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Understandably, the harness keeps the...

Understandably, the harness keeps the beacon handy, but is there any reason one could not put it in a dedicated (chest) pocket? . . . thanks (my research hasn't dug this one idea up yet)

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It's not uncommon for people to have jackets and other outer layers removed or torn up in long, violent slides. Having the beacon strapped on underneath the outer layers maximizes the chances that it'll stay with you during the slide.

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Ben, hope this gets to you. BIG THANKS, for the answer . . . if you're in SF and looking for fellow sierra enthusiasts, say hello. BOB

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Bob, I have three reasons to add to Ben's:
1. Batteries work much better if they stay warm, and will stay warmer if they are deep in your layers. This doesn't make much difference when spring skiing at +5C in BC, but can make a difference when out at -20C in the Yukon - not huge probably, but possible significant
2. If it is always in the same place, you don't have to thrash around trying to figure out which layer it is in that day or at that moment
3. (Probably the most important of my reasons) During the course of a day, you might put on and take off layers ten or twenty times (sometimes I go from three layers with shell to shirt-sleeves and back and again inside an hour)... it would be bad if the beacon ended up either getting dropped or put into your back-pack.

I could be wrong, but I'm not sure about a jacket getting ripped off during a slide, at least if it is properly zipped up as it always should be on a descent, but being in a jacket certain increases the risk of it getting smashed.

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DylanBC, thanks for the input. Much appreciated . . . I went for it yesterday and (goat sale!) bought the TRACKER