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Um, this has 6 extra litres but is twice...

Um, this has 6 extra litres but is twice as heavy as the 26L Verto? 600 grams makes this no longer an "ultra-light summit pack". You can get 30-40 litre proper climbing packs with frames for not much more than that.

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It is a rhetorical question, so both. I'm hoping someone has an idea of why this is so much heavier for only 6 extra litres and no extra carrying capacity that I can see.

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I recently bought this pack for ultralight backpacking and I believe I can answer your question. The 32L bag has a waist strap/buckle for stability and two strap/buckles per side to strap gear to and for compression purposes. The description says that it is frameless but it comes with a foam pad in the backpack for comfort whereas the 26L does not have any of the aforementioned buckles/straps nor does it have the foam pad. The 26L bag is much more of TRUE summit pack whereas the 32L is more geared towards ultralight backpacking/overnighters in my opinion. The 32L pack cannot pack down into its own pocket either so it is sturdier than the 26L pack.