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Two questions: does the hole pattern differ...

Two questions: does the hole pattern differ between the various Dynafit bindings (Speed Radical, TLT Radical, TLT Vertical)? Would the Speed Radical be enough binding for skiing steep, sometimes gnarly spring conditions, or would I be better off with the TLT Radical? I'm planning to mount them on BD Kilowatts with an insert system so that I can switch between my tele setup and AT.

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The Radical and Vertical have different toe hole patterns, not sure about the speed.

Yes the speed would be enough, but for longevity of use, since you are putting them on the Kilowatts, a few grams isn't worth it, go with the Radical or Vertical, skip the speed.

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The Speed Radical has the same hole pattern as the other Radicals. I agree (partly) with Phil. The Speed will cut it, but the weight diff, although a personal call, is significant (190-258 grams/@7-9 ounces). The other consideration is the lack of a brake on the Speed. I have Speeds on my spring corn/chute/steep skis and Radical FTs on my winter rides.

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Thanks for the replies. I've never used Dynafit bindings before, so I don't know what it's like to step into them. Do you think it's necessary (or at least very helpful) to have a brake for putting them on while in a steep couloir or chute? Right now I'm leaning toward the Speed Radical because of the weight.