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Trying to decide on hammerhead v axl for...

Trying to decide on hammerhead v axl for a new pair of 102mm under foot skis. I must admit, most of my skiing is lift-access. I do some yo-yo out of bounds (typically boot-pack hikes) with roughly 6 days of true touring-for-turns in a season. With daughter age 3, I don't see hut trips in my near future. I will use these bindings on wider skis leaving me a narrow ski & hammerhead for not-so-fluffy days. Worth getting the axl, or stick with the hammerhead?

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Well, for years before the Axl debuted, pinheads looking for performance always toured on their HHs, usually moving their position to 1 or taking the adjusters out completely for easier touring. Combine that with a soft boot and touring isnt that bad.

But with the Axl, you have the performance of the HH with a free pivot. Even if you dont use the tour function all the time, its not like you are going to give up performance.

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Axls feel smoother and more powerful. Fiddling with HH positions in the cold sucks. Axls are so much nicer to tour in, maybe you'll yo-yo more.

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Like those guys said. Plus the Hammerhead is now out of production and the alternative is the non-touring version of the Axl, called the Vice.