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Training for a 50k and debating on this...

Training for a 50k and debating on this pack vs the hpl 020. Any recess. Prefer lightweight and less, but don't want to run out of water on summer runs. Mostly will be running in park city: mid mountain and round valley.

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hey pete,
Both vests are good, so it boils down to personal preference. If you are cocerened about running out of water go with the hpl 020, it holds a half liter more water and only adds .5 extra ounces to your weight. I personally don't go through alot of water when I train (I should consume more), but hydration and nutrition are what win ultras..

hope this helps,
...what 50K are you training for ?...

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Thanks Willy. Still debating on which race. Planning to run the mid mountain marathon on 9/10 so looking at my best option 2-4 weeks after and somewhat close to PC so the fam can travel with.

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Pete, depends on how much you drink and how far apart the aid stations are. Remember, water is heavy, and extra weight will burn calories and reduce energy. You should only carry enough to get you to the next aid station. You can re-fill there.

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Pete - I run a lot in the same area as you and I will blow through 2L of water in 10-15 miles. The point about packing light for race day is very true, but training is when you'll use the pack for the majority of the time. I'd definitely get the hpl 020.