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Too warm for Tahoe?

I've dropped a size...

Too warm for Tahoe?

I've dropped a size or two and am looking at refreshing my gear to the correct size. I have a Theta AR from a few years back but want to go for a dedicated ski jacket this time around (i.e. want a powder skirt).

I am thinking about this or a Sidewinder SV at the moment and am curious as to how warm this jacket would be given I ski almost 100% in Tahoe.

With my Theta I would normally wear a lightweight capilene base, a 100 weight fleece and the shell and that seems to work for most of the season. With a Mako I would imagine I would have to dump the fleece and maybe beef up the base layer?

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I gotta say, it may be a bit warm for the warmer days in Tahoe. I've skied in this in the Wasatch and Canadian Rockies in temps at 20f and below and it's great with a baselayer, but when the sun comes out in April, it's pretty toasty. You could check out the Stingray or Sabre for a more versatile option that you can wear from Nov-May and adjust the insulation to temps and output. If you run a bit chilly or mainly ski during the heart of winter-it would be great.

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Thanks Brandon. Reading up on the Atom line it seems that 100gm/m^2 coreloft might indeed be a bit too toasty. I'm imagining skiing in spring with the equivalent of a denali under a shell and that seems like a recipe for a sauna.

No love for the Sidewinder over the Sabre or Stingray though?

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There's a couple ways to go here. The Stingray, Sabre and Crossbow all have a light fuzz lining the jacket, so are softer and have a touch of warmth by themselves (great for those above freezing, sunny days, with a light baselayer) The Sidewinder, Rush and Vertical are Gore Proshell, so have no fuzz, but are lighter and more packable/breathable (a bit). For the Sidewinder,it's really a personal preference with the curved zip; it's great because you don't get zipper stack on your chin, but it also makes the collar flappy when it's not zipped up. Vertical has a roll away hood and lots of pockets, and my fave, the Rush, has a straight zip and storm hood for max protection. Any of these will work for most winter days with the Atom LT (60gm coreloft). The Atom SV (100gm) is really warm and more of a stand alone insulator than a layer. info overload? The Stingray is the lighter version of the Mako.

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I am looking at buying the Mako for my husband. He is a huge Heli skiier! He is headed to CMH this December He is a layer ski dresser... but I want this coat to be warm. We live in Colorado and ski alot at Vail and Aspen... There can be some really, really chilly days! Also tell me about the hoods on these jackets... can you stowe them in the collar or do the snap off?