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This question actually pertains to the WM...

This question actually pertains to the WM Summerlite, but the answer should be the same for the Megalite, thus I'm asking it here. I was told by a different dealer that a 6' RH zip and a 5'6" LH zip bags "cannot zip together". Does this mean that they physically cannot zip together, or just that there will be a little extra zipper on the longer bag?

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There will just be a little extra zipper... I zip the mega into a WM Kodiak all the time! 1 is 5'6", the other is 6', and the temps are noticeably different depending on the side you end up on (only noticeable on a cold cold night though)... I have also noticed that a 6'2" person can sleep in the 5'6" Mega side without issues though, which is great if one person is warmer blooded than the other.