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This looks like the replacement catridge...

This looks like the replacement catridge for my PUR water purifyer. Will it work with the PUR?

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Yes! Katadyn bought the outdoor water-filter division of PUR from Proctor & Gamble. My slogan is: if it looks like a Hiker or Hiker Pro---it takes the Hiker Pro Cartridge. Please bear in mind there are PUR filters that don't look like the Hiker.My Katadyn replacement cartridge fits a little tight in my Pur filter housing. I called Katadyn & explained the situation & they didn't have a clue except for the fact that it was a seamless transition between mfg's. This was after I used the O-Ring lubricant. It just isn't as easy to remove the Katadyn cartridge as it was with the Pur.

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Bought one of these for my PUR. It fits and works great.