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Gear Question

This looks like the only box that will...

This looks like the only box that will clear my garage door, however the interior length has me concerned. I want to put a 6'4" surfboard inside but Inno website says interior length 74.8"... which is ~8" shorter then the exterior length... so I'm a bit skeptical. If one of the owners of this box would be willing to measure it for me I would be incredibly appreciative! Or if anyone has experience putting surfboards inside I'd be interested in knowing what size. Thanks!

Best Answer Responded on I was putting 192cm Lib Tech NAS Pow skis in mine with room to spare. Thats 75.59" when you divide 192cm by 2.54cm per inch. I laid mine flat both bases down with twin tips up. Only concern for you I would think are the fins on your board, but I am not a surfer so don't know if they are removable or even if you need to. Thinking you should be fine length wise.