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This is my first canister stove (yay!) and...

This is my first canister stove (yay!) and I have a quick question: when I'm done using it and wanna pack the canister back up, are there any special storage requirements for it or anything like that or can I close it back up, chuck it in my bag and go along my merry way?

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Other than waiting for the metal parts to cool, I'd just chuck it in a pot with a lid or something. I use a Jet Boil, and it's built to throw inside a pot. If there's nothing like that, maybe throw it in the top compartment of your pack or something. Have fun!

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Make sure the bottom of the canister/inside of the pot is dry...otherwise you may have some problems with rust.

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I would just check every once in a while for dirt in the threads of both pieces. Also, there is an o-ring on the threads that connect to the canister that it wouldn't hurt to lubricate once a season or right before storage.