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These goggles look very similar in size/shape...

These goggles look very similar in size/shape to the Smith I/O. Can anyone confirm? I have the Smith Vantage helmet and am hoping these goggles pair as nicely as the I/O's.

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They are not quite as similar as you'd think. They will still fit fine with a smith helmet though.

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Thanks Josh. Can you elaborate a little? Similarities, differences, etc..

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I own a few pair of I/O's and I find them less bulky for one. The nose bridge seems a bit taller/more accommodating in the I/O's. I also really like the "vaporator" technology with the I/O lens where it has a little hole in the lens to allow it to breathe, I've yet to have my lenses fog up on me. The I/O's have a strap clip which provides a much easier on/off, especially with helmets. Lastly the I/O's have a truly rimless design where the Eclipse has the 4 large silver clasps encroaching on the lens as well as the different styled outriggers. All in all I'm sure the Zeals' work great for some people but I will be buying Smith for the foreseeable future. Hope that helps.