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There have been a lot of reviews/reports...

There have been a lot of reviews/reports saying that the glue for the sole is weak. Its been said that the sole will fall off within a month or so. Has anyone experienced this or have they fixed that issue?

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Well, I didn't get an answer, but I need new shoes for my upcoming trip to Tibet. I guess I'll have to answer my own question when I get back. Stay tuned.

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dont know if its too late for your trip, just saw your question. both pairs of Tevas i have had flip flops and water shoes have had the mid sole pull away from the actual sole in less than one season of use. i am assuming this is due to inadequate glue. fixed them with random waterproof glue from home depot. if you are looking for flip flops, i would look toward sperry topsiders. the last pair i purchased is going on ten years of hard wear. if you are looking for a hybrid shoe/sandal, my Keens are going on 2 years without problems. hope this helps.

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My first pair came unglued, but Teva replaced them and told me that the glue problem was solved. Have worn them for over a year in very harsh enviroments and they have been great!