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The images for the 'quicklock' and 'locksafe'...

The images for the 'quicklock' and 'locksafe' locking options are incorrect. DMMs website ( states the 'locksafe' gates are colored green and have a 3-step release. The 'quicklocks' are colored red and have a 2-step release.

If you look at the pictures themselves you can see (on one side) that the green colored gates have and three stage release and are the actual DMM locksafe gate. However, in the images they are labeled as the quicksafe.

So, my question is, if I want the the 3-step release gate (the actual 'locksafe' according to DMM) which one do I order; the one that is labeled locksafe or the one that has a picture of the locksafe.

Another way to ask this is, did backcountry mix up the images or did they mix up the names?

Thanks for your help.

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Try using Chat Now and they will get you an answer since they are in the warehouse. That should help you alot more than us gear heads can.

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I chatted with a tech and they guessed the images were mislabeled. I went ahead and ordered one and they were right.

If you want the the 3-step release gate that DMM calls 'locksafe' the order the 'locksafe' from the pull-down menu. Ignore the labels on the images (they're wrong as of 12 June 2009)