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The Storm is a top contender for my new...

The Storm is a top contender for my new bc ski. I live in NH and am trying to figure out what length is going to work best. I ski lots of trees so need agility, but I like the stability of a long ski. Soooo, at 6', 175 how quick is the 184 Storm vs the 177 (which I fear will feel short). I'll be mounting with Diamir Freeride +'s - and I'll be driving the ski with Garmont Adrenalins.

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with out a doubt i would go with the 184s these skis are surprisingly quick (think BD kilowatt) you will be happy with this choice.I fully agree, the 184s are pretty quick to snap around. I am 6'2 and about 180, and I find them plenty agile in the trees.