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The Snowpeak manual titanium stove is...

The Snowpeak manual titanium stove is listed at 3 oz. The weight of the standard Snowpeak stove is listed at 3.25 oz. It was my understanding that the advantage of titanium was a weight savings. At a cost difference of $25 for 0.25oz, this is $1 per 0.01 oz. What am I missing here?

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The weight of the other stove is listed at 3.75oz, so technically you're saving .75oz. Other than that though, you're reading it all correctly. Sometimes weight is that big of a deal. And yes, titanium is way lighter than stainless steel, but it isn't lighter than aluminum (just sturdier). There two important reasons why the stoves don't have a high weight differential with the two materials. Firstly, the standard stove incorporates stainless steel and aluminum. Secondly, there isn't a lot of metal here to shave weight from. This may help illustrate that point:Aluminum - 170 lbs per cubic footSteel - 490 lbs per cubic footTitanium - 280 lbs per cubic foot