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The Eurka website http://www.eurekatent....

The Eurka website lists the MSRP as $549. Whats with the $689 price here? Don't think I'll being buying anything at

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Get over yourself. Why post twice? Don't you understand that since it is out of stock they have not updated the pricing? Try getting a no questions asked lifetime guarantee from those sites. If you buy it from BC you can use it for 10 years, destroy it, and then return it for full refund. Who signs their message Frugal consumer? That's Lame.I agree. Plus it's a crappy tent. Don't buy it anyway.

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It's (the Titan) not a crappy tent by any means. I have had many tents of all sizes and shapes and the best tents that I have owned have been made by Eureka and Coleman.