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The Bhutan and the Kailish seem to be the...

The Bhutan and the Kailish seem to be the same boot other than the Bhutan is all leather. However the reviews are extremely favourable for the Kailash but not so for the Bhutan. Living in Nothern Ontario, the full leather is of interest. Is it as comfortable as the Kailish^

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I know this is OLD and perhaps you've found your answer already. I tried both Kailish and Bhutan at some point a couple of years back. Kailish is "softer" initially (therefore more comfortable) however Bhutan has more support around the ankles. I ended up returning both and got Lowa Banff Pro instead as I was doing more "serious" winter climbing and have been happy with my choice. However if you worry about the cold, then you might want to consider insulated winter boots such as Lowa Baikal as it was VERY warm however I also returned that because I didn't like the "high cut" (Banff Pro is not insulated, all leather and less warm but with a thick pair of SmartWool socks I find it warm enough for Northern Quebec and the Adirondack mountains).

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How did the boots hold up; comfort, etc. a year later?

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Depending on how much you hike, they should last awhile. I have worn various Scarpas for years, as they fit my foot well.
I would give these boots a 5 year lifetime. I'm on my 3rd pair of them!