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The BD Bod harness has a belay loop but...

The BD Bod harness has a belay loop but the Alpine Bod does not. (The older Bod design did not have a belay loop either). Anything wrong with removing the belay loop for alpine use? It would make calls to nature easier. I realize that dropping the connections in the front by moving the main carabineer tied to the rope would only be useful under certain conditions: When you “had to go” and the environment was semi-secure so that it would be safe to just be connected to the swami for a few minutes. This would not be safe in many climbing situations. My BD bod harness is very comfortable and I can put it on and take it off standing in snow with crampons on by releasing and opening up the leg loops in the front, but I cannot drop the back even when the front is clipped into place. If I am missing something, please help me out. Thank you!

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Nothing wrong with removing it, but then you might as well by the Alpine Bod!