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Gear Question

Thanks alot.
And between the exile and...

Thanks alot.
And between the exile and cartel(both EST), which would be better for the fix?

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I would handle the exiles! ...they have a jib specific ankle strap (more lateral stability with medial flex), a softer flexing tray (softer Polycarbonate construction with less glass reinforcement), and a highback with less forward lean. I'm guessing you more along the lines of a park/jib kid?

If your an all-mountain dude go with the Cartel, as they will make the board ride a little more aggressive.

you'll be stoked on the comfort of either one... VERY NICE!

In regards to the fix board: Cartels will make it a little more aggressive ride, Exile will make it more soft-playful feeling.

Way to go on EST's!!!! best board flex/feel you have ever had... just wait! Tricks you've never landed, you'll power! (not joking either :)