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Thanks! It's actually more important to...

Thanks! It's actually more important to me that it be well suited to skiing than to biking - I didn't realise the Karve was even more low-profile than the Verve (which I thought would be good as it is very light). I definitely want something low-profile which stays put and influences my balance as little as possible, so I barely notice it on the slopes.

So next question - would I be correct in guessing that for my needs - should fit some snacks, hydration, one layer (either a fleece or winter shell jacket, for layering up or down) and possibly gloves - that the Karve 11 would be a better size than the Karve 6?

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I'd say yes. Just the extra winter layer alone will max out the space in the 6L. If all we were talking about was the ultra tiny ultralight rain layer, that's one thing. A fleece layer or a winter shell will take up most of the 6L's space and leave little room for extra gloves, snacks, and cell phone/wallet/keys...