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Terminator pro or Garmont prophet? I'm...

Terminator pro or Garmont prophet? I'm looking for a new boot for my bishop bombers. I used to ski the 8 year old Crispi XR 4 buckles with a super soft bellow. Now I have the newer Crispi XR 4 buckle from 2 years ago made with carbon fiber and all that crap. It's stiffer than a t-race and I hate it. I love a stiff big cuff to stand me up landing jumps big a nice soft bellow for that smooth tele-feel. I wear 28.5 in Crispi. Whats that in Scarpa and Garmont?

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The Terminator pro and the Prophet (and other NTN boots) will not work with Bishops. I prefer the T Race, or T1, but Garmonts have a softer forward flex and bellows. Bishops only accept standard 75mm duck bill tele boots. 28.5 means 28.5. It is a standard measurement called Mondo size. 28.5 means about an 11. There are sizing charts available on the page. Hope that helps. Happy turns!

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Thanks for your help. Let me try this again. Which has the softer bellow; the Prophet or the Terminator? Are ether Scarpa or Garmont know to run bigger or smaller than their stated size?

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Prophet's are easier to flex, but don't flex as far forward. Terminator Pro's have a smoother feel, with more resistance, and more travel forward. Garmont's are often referred to people with wider feet, but the new Scarpa NTN boots are higher volume, and have a large toe box. The fits between Garmont and Scarpa have always felt matched to me. I by far prefer Scarpa, because I think they hold up longer, and don't flex as much laterally.
To correct my earlier answer, or at least clarify, NTN boots will fit in a Bomber Bishop, but they will eject from the toe bail, and they won't give the resistance that you'd get with a 75mm duck bill boot. Read about why the Bishop has the toe bail vs. a box.