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Tents I have used before were water proof,but...

Tents I have used before were water proof,but the moisture of dawn was somehow able to get into thse tents. Is this tent having the same problem?
Any one had experience with this tent?
thank you

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Any tent that has a full coverage fly, such as this one, can have condensation problems. Essentially, we put out a tremendous amount of water vapor at night. As the temps drop, that vapor condenses on the interior of the fly, or possibly even the inner wall of the tent, and then can be a problem. A few thoughts, avoid bringing wet gear into your tent... any added moisture will make this problem worse and leave your door open if there isn't a danger of rain. While some tents avoid issues by placing vents in key locations, this ALPs doesn't have those features and the large flat area on the top can encourage drops to collect and fall on the upper mesh, which may eventually lead to a few drops inside the tent. This doesn't mean it's a bad tent, just part of the game. If you really want to avoid the moisture problem, look for a tent with steeper walls (to allow the condensation to run down the sides) or vents in the fly.