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Gear Question

Temps? I think the 30 would work better...

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Temps? I think the 30 would work better for most of my trips than the 15, as I will have some nights up to 70 and as low as 20. I figure I'll just unzip and use more like a blanket on hotter nights? And layer clothing on colder ones. This will be my first high end bag, weight and stuff size are important to me. My question is will the 15 burn me out on a hot night any more than the 30? Enough to make a difference in my choice? Maybe I just need two bags since I'm looking at such big temp differences?

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I would go two bags, but I would splurge for the 15 to keep you warm on those cold nights and then pick up a cheap 30-40 degree down bag for those warmer nights on one of the many sales going on right now with the summer coming to an end soon. This is what I did last year and I'm very happy.

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I think I will just look at two bags. I like the stuff size and weight of the Plasma so I might go with their 40 for summer. Also checking out some Western Mountaineering for a winter bag, thinking of going lower than 15, I guess it couldn't hurt to go 0 degrees if I'm only using it for colder trips? Thanks for the advice