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Tech Specs say that this stove can simmer....

Tech Specs say that this stove can simmer. Is that with the liquid fuel or canister? I know most multi fuel stoves still don't do well lowering the flame W/ white gas etc.

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With any fuel, this stove has the best flame control and simmering capability of any stove I've ever used, and that's a lot of stoves over the years. You can boil water fast on high, and with a little practice, you can simmer foods that would normally end up burned and stuck to your pan just as easily. Dual flame controls on the stove itself and at the valve where it screws on to the canister/pump make it even easier to get what you need. I think the only issue I've ever had with this stove is when I prime it up using white gas- it always seems to deliver just a little more than I need and takes a few minutes to burn off. A few drops of alcohol takes care of that, but once it gets going, great stove that simmers exceptionally well.