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Someone asked if this watch can be set...

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Someone asked if this watch can be set to military time--can it? Someone answered and said no but can anyone confirm this? It sucks that I spent $90 on this watch and it can't even do that. Also, whenever I select "Timer" it only gives me a countdown timer, like starting at 20:00, then 19:59, etc. Is there an option where it can actually *time* something? Like, 00:00, 00:01?

I'll be very disappointed at the fact that I spent $90 on this and it can't even do those simple, basic tasks. Thanks.

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Negatory again maam. No military time. This is a casual beach/surfer/diver watch. I would have checked out the functions more carefully before making the purchase. Kudo's are in order for what it does perform.

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I have the green/black/red version of this watch, and it does have military time. However, I am unable to figure out how to time something.