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So what is the weight of this bag? I see...

So what is the weight of this bag? I see it listed at 1lb 11oz on their site ( and others, and as of a few minutes ago it was still listed as that on this site, then as I'm comparing it to other bags suddenly I see it listed as 2lb 1 oz. I happened to have it open in its tab, which still listed it as 1lb 11oz, but when i refreshed that it is suddenly 2lb 1oz.

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From the online info I can find it is listed as 1 pound and 11 ounces for the regular size. I think the spec at this site is wrong. I have a Marmot catalog and it is listed as 1 lb and 11 ounces.

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Yep, 1lb 11oz in the regular, and the long is 1lb 15oz. Slight variations from bag-bag, but those are Marmot's stated weights. Go with that.

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Just weighed the bag and my compression sack. It is indeed 1.11

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I got the Arroyo for Christmas and the tag read 2 lb 5 oz/ 1043g for the long. Just weighed it and it was 2 lb 0.1 oz with the sack.