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So, I've had this (Glacier Gray if it...

So, I've had this (Glacier Gray if it matters) for a month and for the most part love it. Tracking vert, a back-up compass, altimeter is pretty damn sweet. I realize that you have to reset the reference from time-to-time but had a pretty big curve ball thrown at me. Did a 6100', starting around 1400'. Check the ascent/descent and somehow it gained 10600' and did a descent of 9700'. How is this possible? I wonder if I got a dud or I missed something in the thousand page booklet. Baffled and frustrated that this happened after dropping three bills.


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I presume you calibrated to a known altitude, it sounds like you did, since you knew your beginning altitude. Even having a barometer lock, a sudden weather change (sudden and sharp drop in barometric pressure) will still affect the altimeter, as it is solely based on a calculation based on pressure. If there was a weather change, that could explain your drastic variance. Don't be too bummed on one occasion of the Core having an accuracy hiccup. Mine has them every now and then, but overall is still one of my favorites.

It would be my fave if Suunto hadn't discontinued the brown face! You hear that Suunto!?