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So I've had these boots for a little while...

So I've had these boots for a little while now, and loved them until yesterday. I used them to climb Mt. Hood twice, Mt. Adams once, and then took them up Mt. Rainier this weekend. Going up they were great and we made great time, but coming down my toes began to hurt. By the time we got to Muir they were hurting pretty bad, and by the time we got to Paradise they were killing. I had blisters galore over several toes and some discoloration below my big toenails. I've never had any issue with them until yesterday and don't know what to do next. I am normally a sz 10, went with the 10.5's. I have noticed a little bit of heel lift when going up, but not much at all and it doesn't rub enough to cuase blisters. Any idea what I can try to make these work for me? I don't want to have to go through that again, and I don't want to be stuck with an expensive pair of boots that kill me on the way down. Thanks all.

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My wife went through the same problem with a snowshoe trip last year, so many ups and downs, that she blackened her big toenails on both feet, they have since fallen off, which yours probably will too. What happened is that with the downwards step, you are putting too much pressure on the toe, which is quite normal, the trick here is to keep your toes from grinding up inside the toe box and causing these issues. Try tightening the ankle area more to keep your heel down in the boot, and try to wear only one pair of socks.