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So, I've got a bit of a predicament.


So, I've got a bit of a predicament.

I will be camping in an extremely humid area, but also extremely cold in winter. An island off the Paraná river in Argentina.

I'm looking at this tent and I read it doesn't do well in humid environments?

Thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.


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I highly recommend a double-wall tent for this environment.

What temperatures will you expect in the winter? Will you be expecting any snow or high winds? Will you be backpacking with this tent, or just site camping?

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Temperatures will range in the 30s, 20s and single digits (fahrenheit), below zero not likely.

I will be carrying the tent in a kayak, it cannot be very heavy.

Thanks for the suggestion. If the primary wall is exposed to the cold however, I'm gonna have a problem.

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Yeah,, scratch that Eureka. This is a tough one,, I'm trying to picture what I would want to take in the same situation. Two other possibilities would be the GoLite Shangri-La 2 or 3, each with their nest. I suppose you are trying to keep it under 6lbs?

Big Agnes String Ridge 2
Trail weight: 5lbs

In my opinion, here is a great 4-season tent for under 6lbs. No mesh on the tent body, which will hold in more warmth in winter. It's built solid so if you see any high winds or winter storms you be protected. In hot/humid summer days, you can use the mesh part of the doors, or keep them slightly open to minimize condensation.

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Well, I'm slowly coming to grips with the fact that the tent itself is not meant to keep me warm, but mainly protected from the wind and the rain... especially if I'm trying to keep it light. So, I will choose the best double-wall tent I can find.

Thanks again