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So Im thinking about getting this in white...

So Im thinking about getting this in white or Ride's Newport for my Japan trip. Any thoughts?

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Hey Nick, good question. The Ride Newport and 686 Havoc are two fairly different jackets that with their own strengths.

The Ride Newport (item# RDE0596) is a shell jacket with a high 15k waterproof rating. It lacks insulation. If you tend to run hot when you snowboard, or like layering, this is the jacket for you.

The 686 Havoc has a solid 10k waterproof rating, but the major difference is it has insulation. The 80 grams of insulation will keep you MUCH warmer than a shell will. If you run colder when you shred or want a toasty jacket, go with the Havoc.

I tend to run cold when I snowboard, and I prefer insulated jackets in winter conditions. Hope that helps you make your decision.