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So I'm looking for new boots, and I'm...

So I'm looking for new boots, and I'm thinking of getting in to AT skiing. I need a boot that can control a fat ski (Atomic Blog) in the resort, but I will be able to take touring every now and then. I figure my ratio resort/slackcountry to backcountry will be 80/20 so I am more focused on resort for the next little while, until I can afford to get a backcountry setup. I've been looking at these boots, as well as the BD Method, Scarpa Typhoon and Dynafit Titans.

I do have some economic constraints, so getting these boots on sale in the next couple week would be nice. But I just want a little direction so I can head to a ski shop and get fitted for the right size. Also, I have wide feet, are there boots that are better for a wider foot?


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I'm not a boot expert by any means but I have skied 3 or 4 different pairs of boots in the last couple years and I've found the Factor to be an excellent boot. Granted, I've only skied 10 days in the resorts in it. I don't know if it would be that great for a wide-footed individual though. My feet are pretty narrow and it's fine for me. I hear that Salomons tend to run wider. The Factors will drive fat skis just fine though, I was using mine with my Hellbents.