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So I'm looking at either the Union Forces...

So I'm looking at either the Union Forces or the Flux RK30's anyone have any advice on what to get?

I just got a 153 Arbor Draft and I ride a 10.5 Burton Grail boot. I'm mostly in the park but will occasionally take a couple of trips to mountains that actually have side country.

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Force's are pretty much one of the best binders on the market today. Union in general makes unmatched product in terms of comfort, durability and price. I would tell you to go for thr Force's as I have a pair, but my every day binder is the Contact. Just read reviews about these bad boys, and you will probably end up getting these. BUT Flux makes all of their binders with toe-caps. Union makes theirs to go on top of the boot or infront of the toe, and Flux doesn't have that variation. So it should come down to what you like and what you are comfortable riding. But if you get these you will not be dissapointed at all, trust me. Hope this helps brotha