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So I'm getting tired of my Patagonia half...

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So I'm getting tired of my Patagonia half mass bag (still in good shape, but thinking about moving on) and I was thinking about this. Looking for some advice/thoughts... I would mostly be using it for the commute (emostly car, sometimes bike) and I'm just not sure if its what i would want without checking it out in person. I would be mostly just using the shoulder strap (waist strap probably just on the bike) and carrying work stuff (notepad, folders, lunch, etc) and occasionally a change of cloths and even my laptop. Would this fit a laptop? Would it be functional/comfortable used this way?

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854 cubic inches (14 liters) is pretty small for all that stuff. and your laptop would have to be pretty small to fit. from what you are describing in what will be your primary uses, you are looking for more of a messenger or commuter bag. this is a lumbar pack with hip straps and all. a standard 15 inch laptop would not fit, and this bag does not have a padded laptop sleeve. check out the guru photo someone uploaded. it gives you a better idea of size and how it rides. as for riding your bike, i would recommend buying a 20ish Liter backpack with a purpose specific laptop sleeve, but that's up to you. this may work for you if your laptop is pretty small. but i think for your specific purposes, there are better options out there in that price range while still maintaining the rugged look. check these out:

both of those will hold a 15inch laptop and are less than $100! there are plenty of others out there too!