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So I understand that the outer pockets are...

So I understand that the outer pockets are not 100% water proof.
What about the main compartment? Can it withstand go through a swim in the rapids and keep the stuff inside 100% dry?
Thanks in advance!
P.s. I'm having a hard time getting a consistent answer to this question. Any paddlers on

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It's as waterproof as any backpack will get. This is your best bet. If you have electronics, use a dry bag.

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I am a paddler, and the main compartment is just as waterproof as any other dry bag. If the bag is totaly submerged in water for a long period of time water will work it's way in, but it will definately keep your stuff dry if you swin a rapid. Just this past weekend I hiked a trail in North Georgia that had 20 waist deep river crossing on it. On one of the crossing I slipped and fell in the water up to my chest. While I didn't stay in the river long, all of my gear stayed dry.